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Black Tourmaline Rough

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Tourmaline assists in self-awareness and understanding of others. It boosts self-esteem and reduces anxiety. Inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and success are all attracted to tourmaline. It harmonises the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Aids in the treatment of paranoia, the overcoming of dyslexia, and the improvement of hand-eye coordination. Tourmaline helps with spinal adjustments since it relieves stress. It harmonises the masculine and feminine energies inside the body. Increases energy and clears obstructions.

Negativity may be repelled and protected using black tourmaline. It is quite effective in deflecting radiation. It improves one's physical well-being by increasing physical vigour, emotional stability, and mental sharpness.

While Black Tourmaline appears to be devoid of colour, it is a highly effective stone for individuals seeking a continual shield of protection. This jet coloured stone is recognised for being a negative energy swallower, since it is potent, inky black, and has powerful grounding powers. It efficiently relieves the user of negative emotions by transforming worried vibrations into a good spin that nourishes the spirit.

Black Tourmaline Rough Pieces 

Weight Range - 18-38g