Complete Guide to Taurus Birthstones

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Taurus Birthstone
  • Taurus Birthstone: Emerald
  • Zodiac: Taurus, 2nd astrological sign
  • Birth Month: People born between April 20th to May 20th

The different Zodiacs are all connected to different birthstones. There are a number of secondary birthstones for Taurus, this includes Amber, Rose Quartz, Garnets and Aventurine. The birthstone of Taurus is the Emerald.

The Taurus Birthstone – The Complete Guide

It's no secret that Taurus gemstones have such a big impact on daily life, especially your relationships, career, health, and character. Taurus birthstones can also assist you to get out of or avoiding sticky situations. Continue reading to learn more about the Taurus birthstone.

What Is The Birthstone For Taurus?

The birthstone for Taurus is commonly considered to be the Emerald. Taurus can benefit from Aventurine, Sapphire, Rose Quartz, Garnet, and Amber.

Taurus people are smart and well-suited to a rich lifestyle. Taurus birthstones have been used as good luck charms for Taurus since antiquity, and they improve their physical, psychological, mental, and metaphysical well-being.

Taurus is an earth sign that is more in touch with nature's gifts, and the birthstone for this zodiac sign is the Emerald, which symbolizes love and knowledge.


When the function of knowledge is accomplished or realised via the force of love, this stone assists in bringing about the desired enlightenment of the mind!

Taurus needs the help and direction of their birthstone to transcend their own love of nature into something more unselfish and altruistic.

Emerald aids Taurus' spiritual growth by assisting them in changing their self-seeking into selflessness.

Emeralds softly transfer the capacity to share to persons born under the Taurus sign of the zodiac, who have a strong desire to possess. Taurus individuals begin to feel actual tranquilly, beauty, and plenitude as a result of this.

Emerald is not just the Taurus birthstone, but it is also related to Venus, Taurus' governing planet, making it Taurus' planetary stone.

Emeralds boost this loyal character and make it easier for them to establish new acquaintances. All of this contributes to Taurus birthstone personalities' capacity to relate to and connect with others.

Emeralds also aid with memory enhancement. They help people regain trust in their jobs, relationships, and life in general. There is also a spiritual influence that gives the character some clairvoyance.



Garnet is the talismanic Taurus birthstone. Talismans are amulets or other pieces of jewellery that are considered to grant the wearer magical abilities.


Another major Taurus birthstone has also been identified as Amber. Taurus individuals are blessed with the ability to attract good fortune, as well as physical and mental strength, which aids them in their practical endeavours.

Amber is thought to offer tremendous healing abilities, as well as bringing wealth in a multitude of areas, including love.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is supposed to be a Taurus birthstone as well. It's said to calm the mind and emotions, as well as relieve the aches, fears, and concerns that come with love and relationships.

This gemstone is considered to attract love, whether romantic, platonic, or self-love.


Aventurine collection

Taurus is also supposed to be associated with the gemstone Aventurine. The wearer of this Taurus birthstone is thought to have good physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

This stone has the capacity to enhance good luck and riches, which is especially appealing to Taurus birthstone types.

The Meaning and the Color Of The Taurus Birthstone

Taurus' energy is nourished by green, the Taurus birthstone colour, which encourages Taurus' connection to development and nature. Green, like the lush greens that the Bull inhabits, denotes progress and development.

Taurus' sign's links to the zodiac sign are strengthened by the return of green in the springtime, which is Taurus' sign's season. Although we know that Emerald is a Taurus birthstone, we've been looking at a range of different Taurus birthstones.

Nature, riches, and development - both within and beyond the physical world - are recurrent themes in many of these stones. This is how you can tell if these birthstones are right for you.

Taurus Birthstone Rings, Necklaces and Jewellery

Rose quartz bracelets

Taurus birthstone jewellery has been given as a gift for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

The Taurus birthstone, the Emerald, is considered to be able to channel the energy of Venus, the planet with which it is compatible.

The energy of Venus and the zodiac sign Taurus may be focused by wearing emerald birthstone jewellery.

Tauruses, like Pisces, are practical and reasonable by nature, but they also like treating themselves to good things.

They want to mix modern and classic items in their jewellery. They are radicals in that they may wear subtle as well as bold, loud jewellery.

Wearing jewellery with a Taurus birthstone, such as the Emerald, will help you strengthen your professional and personal relationships.

They can also generate a sympathetic aura in you and your surroundings due to the energy they exude.

According to crystal healing treatment, wearing Taurus birthstones can help with vision or mental issues, as well as headaches.

How do you cleanse the Taurus Birthstones?

Taurus birthstones can also be purified by exposing them to the light of the moon. This will help to clear negative energy and boost the stones' medicinal properties.

In addition to these cleansing processes, you may bury your Taurus birthstones in herbs to help channel their energy and dispel negativity.

Some of the herbs recommended for use are petal sage, myrrh, and rose.

Another method for cleaning your stones is to bury them in the earth. Allow the negative energies to trickle down to the earth by keeping the stone face down.

Taurus birthstones can also be passed through the smoke of a cedar stick. If you do this, the stones' healing properties will be kept.

When you first get your gemstone, it's filled with the energy of the place where it originated from.

You'd be extremely lucky if the stone came from an experienced and well-respected shaman; however, if it came from a less respectable source, it'll be a different story!

It's vital to eliminate any remaining energy because you don't know the history of your stones or where they came from. This will allow you to start again with a clean slate and remove any thick or negative energies existing in the stones.

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