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Luna Lane Crystals - Facebook Live Crystal Sales

Our business was born from our passion for crystals. Initially we were collected crystals like most but soon found that either the cost or availability was restrictive and when we finally found something that we loved, the quality just wasn't there and so Luna Lane Crystals was born.

Our entire focus since the very beginning has been on providing you with only the highest quality crystals at an affordable price, ensuring that the cost of crystals was never beyond anyone that wanted to buy them.

One of our big challenges has been keeping our website updated. With our prices being as affordable as they are, coupled by the high quality - a lot our crystals sell out before they hit our website.

So how do we fix this without increasing our costs? With stock arriving every couple of weeks, we are aiming to have Facebook Live events more regularly.

During these events we want to showcase our stock before it gets to the website. If you wanted to be added to the notification list for these events - please complete the form below and we will send you an update with the time/date of our next live event.

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