Complete Guide to Aries Birthstones

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  • Sign of Aries Birthstone: Diamond
  • Zodiac: 1st astrological sign.
  • Dates: March 20th - April 21st

The first sign of the zodiac is Aries. Diamond is the birthstone for Aries. The diamond is a solid form of carbon and one of the world's most valuable jewels.

Clarity, honesty, and vision are all represented by the diamond.

Aries are those born between March 20th and April 21st. The governing planet of Aries is Mars, and its element is fire. The ram is the zodiac sign of Aries.

The Aries star sign is all activity, always ready to speak their opinion, always up for a little healthy competition, and constantly motivated to succeed. It's no wonder that Aries, being the first of the zodiac signs, has a strong desire to be first. These vivacious and daring Aries people are all eager to venture into the unknown. Mars, which is ruled by the planet Mars, was the god of battle in Greek mythology. This ancient Roman god was a demanding, fiery, passionate figure who was always ready to annihilate those who stood in his way. While modern-day Aries aren't quite as destructive as their forefathers, they still like a good discussion and will go to considerable measures to defend their point.

When it comes to Aries, though, it's not all doom and gloom. Those born under the banner of fire are wonderfully passionate, full of life, and endowed with a gloriously large heart and giving spirit to match. It's no wonder that Aries are regarded pioneers of life due to their boldness in life and love, as well as the ram as their house sign. They are trailblazers who are constantly ready for the next experience. Choosing therapeutic gemstones and crystals that fit the mood of the Aries horoscope means finding zodiac birthstones that may help Aries stay safe in the face of recklessness, maintain calm energy when competing, and understand the power of compassionate communication to keep partnerships sparkling bright.

Gemstones for Aries

Choose healing crystals that are a perfect fit for Aries and let their healing powers iron out the creases. Working with healing stones isn't only about conquering the areas of your personality that need some work; it's also about enhancing the excellent qualities that you already have. We flourish in this rough and tumble world when we have a balanced body, mind, and spirit. It's also how we interact with people who may have qualities that conflict with our own. Healing stones and crystals can assist us in achieving optimal health by clearing bad energy and ensuring that the zodiac sign of Aries maintains their joy of life while being secure, grounded, and wonderfully connected to spirit and soul. Take a look at these Aries birthstones, which provide peace and healing to everyone born under the sign of Aries...


The April birthstone of the Diamond is a dream of luminosity and inner power. It is one among the world's most valuable stones. A fortunate stone recognised for its profound durability, for shedding a light on clarity, and for aiding in the harmony and divine balance of those wild and reckless Aries. The traditional birthstone Diamond has Mars as its governing planet and is a splendid sign of prosperity, but rather than delivering war cries, it gives compassionate power, dazzling love, and an inner channel of strength that cannot be shaken no matter how terrible life throws at you.


Aquamarine is an immensely fascinating March birthstone, just like the siren voice of the deep blue sea. Aquamarine is one of the most powerful communication stones in the pack, and it's always ready to urge Aries to speak their truth (as they usually do), but in a way that doesn't produce profound emotional waves for those you care about. Aquamarine is a beautiful stone with a caring, tranquil energy that urges you to dive in and swim with deliberate healing.


Amethyst is a violet flamed February birthstone is a fantastic zodiac stone for all those rambunctious Aries out there. Because Aries is the ram, they have a tendency to throw their head down and charge without thinking about the consequences. Amethyst can assist Aries with engaging in contemplative thinking, embracing a little peace rather than tragedy, and staying in touch with their intuition.


Red Jasper is a fantastic planetary stone match for Aries since it has the same fiery tones as the element that Aries is associated with. Because we all know how restless and agitated Aries can be, Red Jasper is here to lend its calm edge and exquisite balance to keep those rams on course. Jasper is a joyful grounding stone that has the ability to reach into and eliminate those root chakra obstacles. The end consequence is a restored sense of vitality, deep-felt joy, and all the cosmic swirls of creativity that go along with it.



Jade is an old, beautiful, and magnificent stone for Aries to welcome into their life. It is a heart chakra stone that is interwoven with luck. The promise that negative thinking patterns will be moved aside to create room for inner wisdom to grow is one of Jade's many thrills. While Aries aren't exactly lacking in self-assurance, it's possible that they suffer from tunnel vision and only see their own way. Jade may aid in the removal of heart chakra obstacles that may be contributing to the Aries' often self-centered personality, as well as growing their capacity for love and trust.


The Bloodstone is a terrific zodiac stone to fit the Mars-inspired temperament of all those Aries out there, since it is saturated with physical power and sublime wellness. Warriors would carry this stone onto the battlefield because it considerably increased their physical power and kept them safe even while the world around them was engulfed in flames and wreckage. Aries like charging forwards to conquer, and Bloodstone helps them stay on course without losing their footing. Learn more about the significance of Bloodstone.


Aventurine strikes a beautiful balance between empathy and compassion, as well as direct action. While the Aries sign is all about taking bold and direct action, their compassion might be a bit lacking at times. Aventurine strives to elevate the bar, giving all Aries the skills they need to expand the heart chakra and enjoy deeper, more meaningful partnerships. This problem-solving stone also takes a positive attitude, making it a great tool for when you're in a bad mood.


Topaz is a golden kiss of good luck to help you through the day, a talisman to match the blazing warm glow of individuals born under the Aries flag. Topaz is associated with daffodils, the new glimmer of the sun, and the promise of golden vigour for the Aries star sign born on the brilliant verge of Spring. It's a stone that maintains you linked to your creative chi and sexual self by connecting to the sacral and solar plexus chakras. This golden stone emits soft loving vibrations, helping all Aries to shine with satisfaction rather than wasting their energy pursuing the next thing.


Ruby is a sun stone ablaze with the flames of desire and purity, is another sun stone that remains close and bright in its relationship to Mars, the governing planet. As previously said, Aries are prone to focusing their attention inwards and devoting the majority of their energy to self-serving activity. While we should all want to be number one in the world, the Aries sign might benefit by expanding their perspective and paying more attention to people in their relationships.

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