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Herkimer Diamonds For Sale - Their Meanings and Benefits

Herkimer Diamonds are not real diamonds but herkimer diamond quartz is regarded as the most powerful of all double termination points quartz crystals. They get their name due to their brilliant sparkle when cut, and are profound in Herkimer County, New York, USA.

What do Herkimer Diamonds do?

These precious stones receive and magnify the influence of other stones, giving them the strength and energy of a much bigger stone. This makes these precious stones perfect for gridding. They are often used as an “Attunement Stone '' in healing situations when the practitioner is not well acquainted. They are also considered to be helpful in reconnecting people who have been apart.

This crystal energy in this stone is said to strengthen awareness, intuition, psychic abilities and bring more spiritual enlightenment and spiritual energy during meditation. We have a number of Herkimer Diamonds for sale and they can help with all aspects of life including relationships with self, partners, family members or friends as well as success in business pursuits and career goals.

You may also want to buy Herkimer Diamonds if you desire to work on your lucid dreaming abilities! The reason is that they will allow your thoughts to be clearer during sleep, which will make it easier for you to obtain a dream where you can control it.

What Stones and Crystals work well with Herkimer Diamonds?

Jades, pink quartz, Amethyst, Agateand various other types of quartz. Other stones that seem to compliment herkimer diamonds are angelite, Labradorite and Sodalite.

What Chakras are associated with Herkimer Diamonds?

The Chakras that work well with Herkimer diamonds are the emotional heart, the crown chakra, and the throat and third eye chakras. This is because of their ability to balance out our inner emotions. The healing properties of this crystal are more focused on cleansing negativity from a room or space. They also repel unwanted people and energies thus attracting a positive high vibration.

How old are Herkimer diamonds?

This is a difficult question to definitively answer. However, we can surmise that these powerful healing crystals have been on the Earth since ancient times with some stones dating back 500 million years. These stunning crystals also feature in Native American folklore.

The Mohawk Indians claim that their people found them in the valley of Herkimer, New York — hence their name. The particular location was an area where they had once fought a battle with other tribes and sacred ground for their people.

"Do you have Herkimer Diamonds for sale?"

Whether it is a crystal point, double terminated quartz crystal or natural faceting, Herkimer Diamonds prices are not as expensive as traditional diamonds. Although with this in mind they are definitely more valuable than common gemstones assuming they are authentic and come from Herkimer county in New York state.

How do you charge Herkimer Diamonds?

No one is absolutely sure how these crystals could have these extraordinary properties. It is said that Herkimer Diamonds have a connection with the earth, so they must be charged like a battery. One natural way is to bury them in the ground for a few days or even weeks and then take them out again. The human body also charges Herkimer Diamonds when we wear them.

DISCLAIMER Energy work and Crystal healing are not to be considered as a substitute for traditional medical treatment. If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own doctor and/or other appropriate professional medical practitioner, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. Customers should be advised that crystals and stones are not recommended for small children and they should only be used by children under adult supervision. Crystals and stones can have sharp edges. Small stones and crystals should never be left near babies and toddlers.

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