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Apatite Freeform

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Apatite is an interesting mineral with many different metaphysical properties. It assists in spiritual attunement, and is useful for protection from electromagnetic pollution. It also balances the intake of food and liquids, regulates metabolism, and heals from within. Apatite can be found in a beautiful green color, but its crystals are sometimes yellow or blue as well.

Apatite is a manifestation stone. It has something to do with service and humanitarian endeavors. Apatite is a stone that is sensitive to the future while also connecting to former incarnations.

Apatite boosts motivation psychologically. It attracts negative thoughts about oneself and others. It helps youngsters with hyperactivity and autism. Apatite boosts creativity and intelligence. It reduces anger and awakens the inner self by clearing confusion and frustration. Apatite aids in the expansion of knowledge and truth, as well as the alleviation of grief, indifference, and rage.

Physically, apatite improves calcium absorption, which benefits cartilage, bones, and teeth; it also heals bones and encourages the development of new cells. It helps with arthritis and joint pain. Apatite can effectively decrease hunger and aid in weight loss.

Approximate Weight and Height

Weight - 908g

Height - 10.7cm

Width - 9cm