Crystal Skulls in Australia

In this case, it is exactly what it sounds like - a Crystal skull is a carving of a human skull made with crystal blocks.

Ancient Mesoamerican societies, particularly the Mayans, are frequently connected with crystal skulls. Old crystal skulls are reported to have been carved around 1,500 years ago, and these ancient crystal skulls have a more rudimentary appearance.

The origins of crystal skulls are a bit of a mystery. We can't carbon date the crystal quartz since it's a natural stone from the Earth, thus the age of these ancient artifacts remains a mystery. 

Scientists can only now determine the age of a sculpture by looking at the surface for evidence of how it was carved, as well as whether it has ancient or modern tool traces or no marks at all.

The Crystal Skills Mystery

Although the particular estimates vary from legend to legend, the power of crystal skulls appears to be magnified in the presence of other crystal skulls. The most prevalent mythology is that the 13 skulls came together to become 36 skulls.

According to certain traditions and hypotheses, the first crystal skulls were not made by humans, but rather by extraterrestrials. The Crystal Skull mystery is so prevalent that it has found itself in a number of modern pop-culture movies.

Using Crystal Skulls

Many people believe that crystal skulls have therapeutic abilities, that they transfer energy, that they may communicate knowledge, or that they are ancient wisdom reservoirs, similar to a global library.

Psychometry is the act of holding an object in order to exchange energy or receive a message. Scrying is a type of divination that involves seeking messages in the inclusions of quartz crystals or crystal skulls.

There are several theories that claim crystal skulls are the result of higher intelligence. Others feel that skulls serve as a reminder that reality is a hologram of awareness that is being utilised to awaken human consciousness.

The size and substance of the skulls vary. Crystal skulls are utilised in metaphysics for ceremonial work, healing, energy work, and developing psychic powers. The concept of self-awareness and achieving equilibrium is used for healing, as well as opening psychic skills to comprehend the nature of human creation and evolution.

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