5 Crystals That Help With Sleep

Are there crystals that help with sleep? Everything from financial stress to health difficulties to breakups can force us to spend significantly more time in bed pondering than we'd want. We must relax in order to calm the mind. We also need to heal our energy in order to relax. Allow us to assist you in deciding which crystals will be the energetic lullaby for your hyperactive mind when it comes to working out what crystals you can sleep with.


Howlite Crystals are recognised for their calming influence, which can assist with stress and sleeplessness. If you're having trouble sleeping, all you have to do is slip one under your pillow to benefit from the calming energy it emits.


Amethyst, a violet form of quartz stone, is a powerful aura cleanser. It unites you with divine understanding by opening the head chakra. If you are looking for a crystals that help with sleep, look no further. Sleeping with Amethyst instils healing energy in your dreams, encourages deep sleep, and aligns your brain waves with the frequency of calm.



Moonstone Crystal to help with sleep

Moonstone seems like an aptly named gemstone for sleep, doesn't it? Moonstone is recognised for lowering emotional tension, allowing you to drop off to sleep. But where to put crystals when you sleep? well, with Moonstone, simply slip it benath your pillow before you bed down for the night. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz to help with sleep

Rose quartz is a feel-good stone that aids in the absorption of loving and healing energy. It will help you preserve the energy you need to sleep deeply by promoting serenity.


Lepidolite Crystal to help with sleep

Finally, many people can benefit from Lepidolite's calming influence. This is an excellent stone for fostering joy, appreciation, and self-love while remaining peaceful and quiet. Is there a better way to fall asleep than this?

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